Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Cleaning Job

This is an example of one of our commercial cleaning jobs we did down in Philadelphia, Pa this past summer. This restaurant called us because they wanted to sta... READ MORE

Barber Shop Takes on Damage

An older barber shop located in the basement of a home took on some water damage recently. The customer discovered that his hot water heater had broken and affe... READ MORE

Restaurant Cleanup

We all know how hard it is to keep our own kitchens clean none the less an industrial kitchen that puts out hundreds of food items a day. A restaurant called us... READ MORE

Ronald McDonald Statue Restoration

In the middle of the summer a Burlington Coat franchise called us to take care of one of their warehouses that had flooded. As you can see from the before pictu... READ MORE

Mold in Commercial Building

One of the local commercial businesses called us as they had recently discovered some mold in the basement of their building. The mold had grown up many walls o... READ MORE

Local Library Suffers After Flash Floods

The people at The Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library called SERVPRO this past week after a bad storm,that lead to flash flooding, affected the library. Ma... READ MORE